The kitchen faucet is the centerpiece to your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, rinsing, or washing your hands, it is likely to be the most used faucet in your home. Unless you notice a problem with your faucet, you don’t typically think about replacing it. Maybe now is the time to consider having your kitchen faucet inspected by a certified plumber, or start thinking about an update.

Broken faucets and adding style to your kitchen are generally the main reasons to have your faucet inspected or replaced. Ensuring your current faucet is properly functioning can save you time and money in the future. Replacing your current faucet can add to the beauty and functionality of your kitchen.

When is it Time to Replace a Faucet?

Your kitchen faucet is an indispensable part of a home. Keeping it in a good working condition is imperative. A good rule of thumb for replacing a faucet is when it begins to show signs of wear and tear, or when it becomes a nuisance that affects the rest of your house.

Over time, hardware inside faucets can go bad. Typical causes of leaky faucets include corrosion, mineral deposit on internal parts or defective gaskets, o-rings, and washers. Generally speaking, leaks from the nozzle or base of the faucet indicate damaged hardware.

Leaky faucets disturb sleep, add to the water bill, and can cause household inconveniences. Ignoring a faulty faucet can turn a simple repair into a plumbing repair project. Dripping water can lead to a waste of more than 100 gallons of water a month! Additionally, water that leaks to the back of the sink and countertops can cause mold and wood damage to the counter and cabinets.

Why Fix what isn’t Broken?

The easiest way to freshen up your kitchen is to update its hardest working hardware – the faucet. Newer faucets have become more stylish than ever, and have more functionality than you can imagine. With a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, you’re certain to find one that will compliment your existing kitchen fixtures.

If you’re not so concerned about the aesthetics of your kitchen, consider the functional benefits of having a new faucet installed in your kitchen. The tall spouts on modern faucets make it easier to fill large pots, and the added pressure will fill the pot faster. Your sink will seem larger because of the increased space between the sink and faucet, which is essential when you’re washing large pots and pans, or even rinsing fresh vegetables from your garden. Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy new technologies by updating your faucet. Features like touch-only control, swivel and pullout additions, and improved water pressure make working in your kitchen handier. With these advantages, you’ll wonder why you did not replace your faucet sooner.

Making the Decision to Fix or Replace

If you’re interested in freshening up or adding functionality to your kitchen, then the decision to update your faucet will be the right one for you. If you’re more concerned about functionality and saving money, a qualified plumber can help you make the best decision for your needs. Washers and seals can often be replaced economically, and many faucet components are repairable. However, in certain cases, special ordering broken parts can be more costly than replacing the entire faucet. The price and age of the faucet should be factored into any decision.

Wrapping it Up

Breathe new life into your kitchen with a new faucet that not only looks stunning, but also improves the functionality of your kitchen. Your kitchen faucet is essential to your home. Whether it needs repair or you’re ready for an update, trust the certified master plumbers at PJ’s Plumbing to fulfill all of your plumbing needs.