Wall mounted pit stops are handy in more than just man caves – and they make charismatic conversation pieces too. Although hardly a standard feature in today’s homes, the installation of private residence urinals has been growing in popularity.

There are several reasons why the popularity of home urinals is growing. Not only are urinals convenient and save water and space, they also make bathrooms safer. With a little research and planning you may be surprised to learn a urinal could be the perfect addition to your bathroom renovation.

The Delicate Topic of Home Urinals

There’s a certain amount of squeamishness that often follows the topic of urinals. Ladies of the house are generally the first to object. The first thing that comes to mind when imagining a urinal is a filthy, smelly, white porcelain box hanging on the restroom wall in a pub. Who would want that in their home? Plus it’s just another appliance to clean.

It’s true that the urinals of the past have been boxy wall mounts reserved for testosterone-laden man caves, workshops, garages and pubs. However, many of today’s urinals have received high-design treatment that make them perfect additions to master bathroom suites. Updated bathrooms often focus on pampering the lady of the house. Adding a sleek, modern urinal offers an opportunity to takt care of the man as well.

Many modern urinals are also compact and can easily fit into smaller bathroom spaces. Luxury bathroom renovations offer an opportunity to get truly creative with design and function by adding a urinal.

Cleanliness and smell go hand-in-hand concerning the sanitary state of your home. As with any fixture in your home, it will need to be cleaned regularly, but the chore is minimal. Modern urinals are easy to clean using a urinal sealant and other urinal-specific cleaning agents. Since it’s a fixture exclusively for the man of the house, you could always leave that task for him.

Why a Urinal Might be Right for Your Bathroom

You can always go back and forth between need and want, so here are a few things to think about while you’re considering your next bathroom update.

  1. Water conservancy is popular topic these days. Most of the newer urinal models use less than one gallon of water per flush, whereas an older toilet can use up to five gallons per flush. This can lead to quite the savings over the course of a year if you have one or more males living in your home.
  1. Urinals are convenient for the guys and easier to keep clean than toilets. Women are often complaining that men don’t have the best accuracy. It’s pretty hard to miss a urinal that descends to the floor. Even the smaller wall mount fixtures can eliminate splatter from a man’s early morning nearsighted adventures.
  1. Installing urinals in the home are a current design trend as people begin to look towards retirement. Falls among the elderly are often the start to physical complications that can lead to a loss of independence. Urinals reduce falls because they eliminate excess movement up and down.
  1. Everyone likes a great conversation piece. Adding a stylish urinal to your bathroom will most certainly open up a compelling topic with your guests. The male guests will be excited to be pampered, while the ladies will wonder about your choice to include it in your bathroom design. It is sure to be a topic that generates humorous conversations about design, functionality, and personal preferences for years to come.

Wrapping it Up

Will urinals become a core fixture in the home, as common as the kitchen sink? It certainly can’t be ruled out. Many design trends transition from commercial design to residential use. People looking to add a little luxury to their bathrooms will surely consider the many modern urinal styles offered today. Style combined with functionality is a win-win in any bathroom renovation.