On April 16, 2015 all residential water heaters that were manufactured in the United States, and after this date, must meet the latest NAECA energy-efficiency standards.

A part of these new NAECA guidelines will require nearly all residential electric, oil, gas and tank-less gas water heaters to have higher Energy Factor (EF) ratings.

2015 NAECA Water Heater Efficiency Standards

How does this affect you?

Under the new NAECA standards, most water heaters will be larger and require more space for installation. These units can increase in diameter and height of two inches or more.

The issue arises when there is not enough space for a larger water heater in your home, apartment, or condominium. Accordingly, if you or your building owner replaces an existing water heater after April 16, 2015, with a NAECA 2015 compliant water heater, it may have significantly less volume. This would mean both changing hot water usage and habits, or increasing the storage temperature and installing an ASSE approved mixing valve to attempt to maintain current hot water usage.

There is also the issue of price. History proves that whenever there is a change of this enormity, prices of higher efficiency equipment tend to rise. Prices for these new NAECA compliant products are estimated to increase in price up to 40%.

And finally, some models will be discontinued – such as the 75-gallon natural gas gravity vent water heater.

What action should you take?

We suggest upgrading your water heater to the new 2015 NAECA standards-compliant equipment, especially if your unit is ten years or older. Purchasing a more energy-efficient water heater ahead of the April 16th deadline will help you avoid the impending price increases.

In addition to saving financially, when you upgrade to higher-efficiency equipment you will experience lower electricity usage and reduced energy costs!

Call us today for an estimate or to answer any questions you have about the new NAECA Guidelines. We would be happy to assist you!